Geelong Radio and Electronics Society inc.

the friendly amateur radio club

We are a group of enthusiasts who actively pursue our hobbies of amateur radio, computers and electronics. Our club rooms are both functional and comfortable. Like many clubs we have a diverse range of members. The ages range from teenage to old age. Members expertise is from the beginner right through to those with professional qualifications.

Most organizations have a small nucleus of "hard core" members, those that give generously of their time. This is where we differ. All our members are committed to our club and all actively contribute. Because of this dynamic group of people we are an extremely active club. Our regular weekly meetings are held on a Thursday evening but the rooms are also open Wednesday mornings.

Our club is a member of the Wireless Institute of Australia and most of our members are also involved with WICEN (Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network). As such we can be called upon to provide communications in times of emergency.

We have a well equipped workshop that is used on an ongoing (often weekly) basis. Over the years members have built many projects in here. We also have groups of school children, scouts and guides, who, under supervision of club members build electronic projects. Classes for qualifications in amateur radio are held at least 3 times per year. These classes are free to financial members and all examinations are held in our club rooms.

One thing we are proud of is the reputation we have gained over the years as being a friendly club. So if you live in Geelong or planning to visit in our city please pay us a call. Meetings are held each Thursday evening at 2000 hrs local time.